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Glass fish pipe, about 6.5", gold-fumed color. Unit price $18.5/each Glass Scorpion Pipe about 4.5 long, nice color pattern and heavey duty. Unit price $21 Glass Water Dog Pipe
Glass Fish Pipe
Our Price: $18.50
Glass Scorpion Pipe
Our Price: $21.00
Double-barreled atomizer, large vapor, 50% more than normal e cigarette, about 5.5" long. Glass Water Dog Pipe Inside-Out Glass Pipe, length 5inches,weight 74g.Hevay duty pyrex glass. Unit price $17.5/ea
Inside-Out Glass pipe
Our Price: $17.50
3pc Pink oil burner, plain pyrex thick glass 4inch long, Glass Mini Elephant pipe, insideout colorful glass, nice shaped and assorment, Unit price: $12.00 Inside Glass Pipe
Glass Mini Elephant pipe
Our Price: $12.00
Glass turtle pipe, about 3.5 long, made of heavey pyrex glass with nice color pattern. Unit price $15.90 Gold Fumed 1 Hitter / Chillum
Glass turtle pipe
Our Price: $15.90
Tobacco pipe, about 16" long, made of polyester and wood, come with individual box. Unit price $27.90 3" 1hitter- Diamond Universal Ego 510 threading, will fit many model batteries. Universal threading & fitment! A complete Atomizer Set. Unit price $18
wood pipe
Our Price: $22.90
eGO-W Pen Electronic Smoking Vaporizer Kelvin Special Herbal Electronic Smoking Vaporizer Clear Oil Burner pipe, about 4", pretty thick.
3pc Clear oil burner 4"
Our Price: $12.99

Pipe parts Colored oil Burner pipe, about 6", mix colors, pretty thick. Glass turtle pipe w/ reversal color, about 3.5" long, pretty heavy. Unit price: $21.50
Glass Blunt Pipe
Our Price: $7.99
3x Colored oil Burner pipe - 6"
Our Price: $15.50

Clear Oil Burner pipe, about 6", pretty thick., 3pc means you are getting 3 pipe total. White Rabbit Herbal Blend 7 g
3pc Clear oil burner 6" long,
Our Price: $13.45

you are buying 1pc only, 2g per jar,

100% all natural smoking blend, 
intend only for healthy audlts 18 or older only,
Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after using the product, White Rabbit Kratom 10 XL caps Glass Parrot Pipe, about 5" long, color tubed. Unit price: $19
Hex 2g
Our Price: $7.99

Glass Parrot Pipe
Our Price: $19.00
3 inch foldable Magnetic Pipe
Our Price: $5.99

oil burner pipe, plain pyrex thick glass 3pc 4" inch Phoenix blends have the unique scent and taste that relax and leave the body feeling renewed. 3 premium Smokers in one pack. 100% chemical and tobacco free, 100% FDA compliant and approved for human consumption. Unit price $6.99
Phoenix Smoking Reborn
Our Price: $6.99
You are buying 3pc 3 colors, to select thick pyrex glass oil burner, about 4 inch stem 
please select your colors, Insideout Glass pipe with black head and nice colors, about 4.5" long. Heavy as a rock! Unit price: $17.90
Insideout Glass pipe - 4
Our Price: $15.99
The All-in-1 Dugout
Our Price: $21.99

Today's Super Deal!

Flash 500mg, party pill ,1tab each

Our Price: $19.95
Flash 500mg, party pill ,1tab each

Flash party pill ,1 capsule each pack. Guarantee no MDPV or other illigal chemicals in. Lots of customers keep asking if we have anything like XTC. This is the one definitely worth to try.

Top Sellers

long wooden tobacco pipe
Our Price: $12.99
Gold Fumed 1 Hitter / Chillum
Our Price: $4.99